By: Heather Lang

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Humane Society of Greene County is overflowing with cats.

Because of that, they’ve launched a mission this season of giving. They are calling on potential pet adopters to help them create some space in their shelter. For that, they would be very grateful.

Their goal – 25 cat adoptions in 25 days.

They’ve launched a Facebook campaign featuring one adoptable cat a day. On social media, they explain: “We need your help to find homes for at least 25 cats by Thanksgiving (which will give us lots to be thankful for!). We currently have over 100 cats and kittens at the shelter, and we are full to overflowing. Please share our “Cat of the Day” posts daily with all of your friends. Together, with your support, we can make a difference. Please read more about Nicky…”

The campaign has taken off. So far, they’ve featured Nicky, Regis and Simone.

And, as of Thursday, Nov. 9, the shelter has had 18 adoptions. They are hoping at least seven more cats get forever homes by Nov. 19.

The shelter tells the Observer-Reporter that they’ve been inundated with cats over the past two years. Last year, they took in a total of 664 cats. This year, they expect to surpass that number as, to date, they’ve sheltered 535.

They say the effects of kitten season, usually felt between spring and early summer, are continuing into the fall.

They have so many, they are using outdoor exercise kennels, covered by layers of blankets, to house the homeless felines. But with temperatures dropping and winter on the way, they are growing desperate to clear space inside to bring every cat indoors.

(Source: Humane Society of Greene County)

If you’re interested in adopting one of cats at the Humane Society of Greene County, click here. They are located in Waynesburg. You can also call them at 724-627-9988.

You can also follow their cat-a-day posts on their Facebook page here.

Finally, if you can’t adopt, they are always welcoming donations. Click here to do so.

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