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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh man with a blown-out truck engine called Get Marty for help.

“It started out as a $40 oil change. It turned into a $8,500 engine repair,” Mark Sperber says.

Sperber took his truck to the Pep Boys in Robinson Township for an oil change back in September.

He says the mechanics did not place the oil filter on properly, and the engine ran spilling oil all over the garage.

“I could see when they lifted the vehicle the oil has spilled all over the floor. The oil had emptied from the engine,” says Sperber.

He say the engine started making a banging sound. When he told the employees at Pep Boys, Sperber says wouldn’t listen. In fact, the company sent him a letter saying: “There is no evidence of any negligence on the part of Pep Boys or any of its employees with regard to the damage.”

That’s when KDKA got involved.

Immediately, Pep Boys called in an independent expert to look at the engine. They gave Sperber a rental vehicle, and also agreed to put a new engine in the truck. Pep Boys never complained about the problem. The company took care of it.

Sperber suggests folks watch the work being done on their vehicle if they can.

“Don’t give up. Keep calling and calling. If that doesn’t work, Get Marty!” says Sperber.

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