By Marty Griffin

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local woman wanted action before the same thing happened to someone else. She was stunned by a clip of surveillance video that shows a driver mishandling her delivery from Amazon.

The video shows the driver pull up in a white van, which Amazon calls a “delivery service provider” vehicle, in front of a suburban Pittsburgh home.

The driver, described as an Amazon “independent contractor,” walks up the driveway holding the delivery, then halfway there, he throws it. Tossing it over the walkway and garden and onto the front porch.

While many people love Amazon, the ones KDKA showed the video to, did not like what they saw.

Mother and daughter, Lori and Erin Walsh, get an Amazon package delivered just about every day.

“I’m sure that’s not what Amazon expects. I think highly of Amazon, that’s not what I would expect,” said Lori.

The video and an email were sent to KDKA’s Marty Griffin from Angela, who we are only identifying by her first name. Angela says she’s been an Amazon Prime member since 2006, and orders from them several times a month.

It was her home surveillance cameras that caught the Amazon delivery driver. She describes the driver as “too lazy to walk up to my doorstep and place the package at my front door.”

Angela says, “I do think this issue should be brought to light for others to see.”

Every Amazon customer that KDKA showed the video to had the same response.

“I’m shocked actually,” said one customer.

Griffin: “You use them a lot?”

Customer: “I do.”

Griffin: “I’m actually surprised Amazon would do that.”

Amazon ships a staggering number of packages. Recent numbers indicate the company ships 608 million packages a year. That’s 1.6 million packages per day.

During peak last year, Amazon shipped 306 items per second.

Still, customers count on Amazon to deliver every package the right way.

“I use Amazon a lot. I’m a student. I have Amazon Prime. I buy a lot from there,” said another customer. “It’s a little concerning.”

KDKA reached out to Amazon. The company responded immediately.

They told KDKA’s Get Marty: “I did have a chance to look and flag for the right teams. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care. We’ve notified the right teams internally and have reached out to the customer to make this right.”

Amazon did just that for Angela. She tells KDKA:

“Amazon did call. I did see a $25 credit on my account. I didn’t expect anything from them. I just wanted to get the story out and have the person just not do it to anyone else. Thanks so much for getting this taken care of.”

Amazon would not confirm whether or not the driver was disciplined or fired. We do know the company was told about the video and appropriate action was taken.

If you have a problem, a rep for Amazon did tell KDKA: “Amazon customer service is available 24/7 to help customers with any matters related to their package delivery.”

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