By Paul Martino

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ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An unexpected guest at a home in Ross Township caused a big scare and left a pile of damage ahead of the holiday.

A hawk crashed through a window when no one was home; needless to say, it wasn’t the bird the couple was expecting for Thanksgiving.

The red-tailed hawk crashed through a double-paned window in Carl and Mary Dozzi’s living room, and decided it didn’t want to leave.

“I come in the house and I see lamps on the floor,” said Carl. “I’m like, don’t tell me my wife left the door open and the wind…”

Carl didn’t think much about it until he heard a strange noise coming from the living room.

“I saw this creature sitting on one of my artificial trees, and I was absolutely shocked,” Carl said.

ross twp hawk ‘Proverbial Bat Out Of Hell’: Hawk Crashes Through Couple’s Living Room Window

(Source: Dozzi Family)

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out the damage a bird like that can cause.

“It has pooped everywhere in the house, above the refrigerator, all over the place in this house,” said Carl.

That wasn’t all. Expensive lamps, crystal and plants were all destroyed.

Carl’s wife was shopping, so he called her and told her to stay away until they got rid of their guest. What a shock she got when she finally saw the damage.

“When I got home, I just couldn’t believe it,” Mary said. “The lamp behind me was on the floor, it was broken. That lamp over there, next to the window was on the floor. There was glass everywhere.”

One nice thing, the hawk stayed away from the bread that was laid out on the dining room table, getting prepped for stuffing. But it soiled Carl’s prized picture of his mother when she was just 17.

“On my mother’s picture. There’s still some on it. Yeah, there’s still marks on it,” said Carl.

Finally, Ross Township Police arrived and they were able to coax the bird out of the same window it crashed into.

“It took off like the proverbial bat out of hell. Flew right out,” said Carl.

Carl and Mary have boarded up their window, so they don’t get any more uninvited house guests. The hawk is definitely not invited back for Thanksgiving dinner.