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BUTLER (KDKA) — Police say right before a Butler County man allegedly dragged an off-duty police officer, he was caught sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Lee Rapsinski, 20, has been in the Butler County Prison for a few weeks, and with a new case against him, it could be his home for awhile.

Last week, Rapsinski went in front of a judge to answer to charges of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. State police say he started talking with the girl last month on Snapchat and exposed himself to the teenager on video chat. Eventually, she agreed to go out with him on Veterans Day.

The girl told a social worker that Rapsinski picked her up on Whitaker Drive and drove her to some nearby woods. That’s when she says he molested her.

According to the criminal complaint, Rapsinski asked her if she was OK. She replied, “No, not really,” but Rapsinski continued to touch her.

They were eventually spotted by the boyfriend of the girl’s mother. The two men got into a fight in the backseat of the car, and Rapsinski threatened him with a knife.

Butler Township Police Officer Rachael Dovidio showed up at that point. She went up to the car and identified herself. State police say that’s when Rapsinski took off his license plate, got in the driver’s seat and drove off. The officer tried to stop him by hanging onto the car door and was dragged several feet.

Officer Dovidio was not seriously hurt and is now back at work.

In the meantime, Rapsinski remains behind bars on a new set of charges, including felony sexual assault.