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GREENSBURG (KDKA) — State police say murder victim Matthew Generd’s last few moments of life were likely filled with terror and pain. They say he was robbed and repeatedly stabbed by people he knew and trusted.

It happened inside a home in Youngwood.

On Tuesday, Linda Quidetto and Jason Sullenberger, both 40, Michael Covington, 20, and alleged mastermind – 40-year-old Christopher “CJ” David – all faced preliminary hearings.

They are charged with Genard’s murder.

Walking into his preliminary hearing, David told KDKA’s Ross Guidotti, “Originally, I went there for a robbery and it turned out worse. I had nothing to do with that, didn’t want anything to do with it. That’s all I can say.”

State police say David told his alleged co-conspirators that the 50-year-old Genard had lots of cash and drugs. However, while David said homicide was never part of the scheme, state police say it was.

As it would turn out, all four suspects’ preliminary hearings were continued. Covington’s attorney explained part of the reason.

“It’s a very complex case,” said defense attorney Richard McCague. “Everybody is giving a story, none of the stories match up completely. We’ll trust in the legal system to ferret out the truth.”

All four suspects remain in the Westmoreland County Jail held without bond, charged with homicide, conspiracy, as well as drug charges.