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WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — Wilkinsburg Police say they’ve made an arrest in a murder in Fayette County earlier this week.

Authorities took Derrik Royster into custody on Thursday afternoon. He maintains his innocence.

Shortly after being arrsted by Wilkinsburg officers, Royster said, “I’m innocent.”

He was wanted for fatally shooting 25-year-old Marquell Bailey during an alleged drug deal at the Pershing Court housing complex in Uniontown on Monday night.

Police say Bailey and three other people are accused of setting up Royster to buy cocaine. Royster opened fire on the group when they tried to rob him, and Bailey ran outside and collapsed and died in the yard.

Police say a tip led them to Royster.

“We received a tip from Uniontown Police that he was staying at a house in Wilkinsburg on Foliage Street,” said Officer Doug Yurhouse, of the Wilkinsburg Police Department.

Officer Yurhouse said they found Royster in a bedroom. He surrender when police encouraged him to give himself up.

“They [Uniontown Police] provided us with the warrant and a photograph,” Officer Yurhouse said. “About five of us went up and knocked on the door, gained entry into the house and proceeded to get the gentleman to come out of the bedroom, and at that point, we took him into custody for Uniontown PD.”

Royster is charged with criminal homicide, which means he’ll be unlikely to get bond.

Three other people are also facing charges in the case. They are already in jail.

Bailey was shot multiple times.