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CASTLE SHANNON (KDKA) — Castle Shannon Police have charged a landlord with entering into his tenant’s apartment uninvited to commit lewd acts in her bedroom.

Investigators say 67-year-old Thomas Fallon told them he went into the victim’s home to fix a hot water heater, but the victim’s security camera caught something else.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police she recently installed the home security system and cameras in her bedroom because she suspected someone was going through her belongings.

The motion-censored security camera, investigators say, recently caught Fallon “in a state of undress” in the victim’s bedroom.

The criminal complaint reports that the photos show Fallon allegedly “masturbating into the victim’s soiled clothing,” which was the outfit she had worn the day before.

Police say while interviewing Fallon, he told them he had gone into the woman’s apartment, but it was only to fix her hot water heater. Authorities say he insisted he did not enter her bedroom.

But when shown the photos, the criminal complaint says Fallon stopped the interview.

In addition to criminal trespass, police are charging Thomas Fallon with burglary and criminal mischief counts.