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BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) — Okay men, if you’ve felt sick and someone doubted you, this story may give you some vindication.

Turns out, “man flu” is real, or at least a researcher in Canada says so. His claims are attracting both attention and controversy.

You can actually find the term “man flu” in some dictionaries.

It’s described as “a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.”

Even Pittsburgh Dad has an installment about man flu which shows him on a couch yelling for his wife Deb.

But now comes research published this week in the BMJ medical journal which may give men everywhere some sense of validation.

Doctor Brian Lamb from West Penn Medical Associates had nothing to do with the Canadian researcher’s findings, but he says: “It kind of goes along with what we see in our office. We even joke around about ‘man colds’ coming in.”

Don’t take offense guys. He’s not implying you’re exaggerating. In fact, Doctor Lamb says he knows men are really miserable.

So he says of the research: “It’s kind of nice to think maybe it isn’t always just overreaction, and a guy taking it a little too seriously how bad they feel.”

Among the findings: That when it comes to many respiratory diseases, a man is more susceptible to complications than a woman and that a man’s immune system may be naturally weaker, which could be a side-effect of testosterone.

“They’re babies!” said Maggie Bodenlos of Bloomfield.

Even once the latest research was explained, it was a tough sell to some.

“Really?” Bodenlos asked before admitting she doesn’t buy it.

We also asked Justin Rivers of Bloomfield his opinion: “I think men actually are bigger crybabies when it comes to having the flu.”

According to CNN, even the Canadian author says “much better quality research” is needed, but he also believes he’s on to something, and Doctor Lamb sees it this way: “It’s nice to be able to say finally I have a little scientific proof as to why I need to lay on the couch and why I don’t feel good.”