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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Hardy Lloyd has had numerous problems in the past, because of his spewing hate, and his white supremacist views.

Earlier this year, Hardy Lloyd was caught on camera interrupting an anti-hate demonstration and was accused of distributing white supremacist fliers in the Pittsburgh’s East End.

In July, he was released from custody after serving 14 month jail sentence. Then, just weeks later, he was picked up on a warrant for violating terms of his parole…which included police finding dangerous weapons, including a so called spade push knife
The government today submitted a copy of a page from a website offering the small weapon for sale.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney said that Lloyd went to several local libraries, violating his computer monitoring conditions…one website he accessed showed women being chloroformed.

He was also allegedly involved in distributing racist fliers around town.

And, according to the government, he lied to his probation officer.

The U.S. Attorney asked a Federal Judge today to sentence Lloyd to another 22 months for violating terms of his probation.

Instead, the Judge slapped him with a 13-month jail term, followed by 9 months of supervised release, and proper treatment.

Before sentencing, Hardy’s father, Dr. John Lloyd told he judge that his son was adopted at birth, and was diagnosed with mental illness at the age of 3.

He said his son was in court because of reckless decisions.

He explained that his son now understand his mental illness, and is eager to engage in therapy.

And, he added that he was convinced his son wants to deal with his illness in a responsible way.

When Lloyd himself spoke, he said he said he takes full responsibility for his actions, adding that it pained him to admit that he had a mental disorder.

He asked the Judge that he be permitted to serve his sentence at a jail near Dallas, Texas, because his wife now lives in Texas.