Too Many Implications On This Game To Treat It The Same As Any Other

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- It’s the matchup we’ve all been anticipating, it’s finally Steelers-Patriots week.

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Steelers guard Ramon Foster joined “The Fan Morning Show” in his weekly show at 8 a.m. on Tuesday and didn’t shy away from it being a special week.

“Everybody on both sides knows there’s implications on this game,” said Foster. “Winner probably gets home field advantage, or have the better opportunity to get it. It’s the game that everybody thought it would be up to this point. If you’re not excited about it then there’s a problem. I don’t know what the fans will be like this weekend, but we’ll honestly need them in full force, as loud as they can be because this is what everybody wants right now.”

OK, so are they treating it the same as any other week?

“Everybody involved with this knows it’s not the same type of game, there’s too many implications to say this is the same week,” said Foster. “We have to play our butt off. It’s not the same type of week…you guys know what this week is. We’ve talked about it. Coach T [Tomlin] talked about three weeks ago. That’s the type of week it is.”

Ramon was all business during his interview and when asked what he thought first when he saw that the Patriots lost, he was careful with his words.

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“They capitalized, the Dolphins did. That’s simply what their game was, they caught them I guess you could say ‘less than ready’ as Coach T likes to say,” said Foster.

Foster said the offense has been playing so well lately that he says the same mindset as the fans in that they should be scoring early and often.

“Absolutely, we’re getting to that point right now to where goals should be to score on the first drive, whether that’s first or second half we need to be scoring points,” said Foster. “That’s just where we’re at as far as the type of team we need to be going into these playoffs and later in the year is every time we touch the ball we should be scoring, we have that capability.”

Ramon also shared some thoughts on the NFL and their disciplinary actions, or lack thereof, of any Seattle Seahawks player that was involved in a melee at the end of their game with the Jaguars this past Sunday.

“It’s just almost comical at this point,” said Foster. “Certain guys get suspended because, hey, we have a storyline for the next week. Other guys, they throw punches, there’s a brawl, there’s a fight…nothing happens. But you have Aquib Talib and [Michael] Crabtree they got suspended for a fight, but these guys don’t get suspended for a fight. JuJu [Smith-Schuster] gets suspended for a hit, but they said it was a taunt. A taunt is a fine. There’s no consistency. It’s really black and white as far as the mistakes they’re making, but nothing’s clear on the actual rules of what happened.”

You can hear the entire interview with Ramon Foster on the Fan Morning Show above.

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