By Julie Grant

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor is one of three NFL Network Analysts suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct.

The woman who is suing NFL Enterprises used to work as a wardrobe stylist for the network. Jami Cantor, 51, claims she was sexually harassed by several male co-workers, discriminated against because of her age, and wrongfully fired. Cantor claims Ike Taylor sent her sexual pictures of himself and a video of him performing a sex act in the shower.

“You don’t do that. You know if I have a client I’d go back to grade school with him and say how stupid are you? You just don’t do that,” said Ralph Cindrich, a retired NFL player, sports agent, and legal expert.

Cindrich said without question sexual harassment is unacceptable. However, he thinks the NFL should have had a cause hearing before suspending Taylor, Marshall Faulk and Heath Evans from the air. “It’s bothersome as heck to see just without any further action on the part of the company to just come in and terminate and it has a lasting impact on them or to suspend,” said Cindrich.

It is unclear if Cantor ever complained to human resources during the 10 years she worked there. Cindrich believes if the NFL was made aware when it allegedly happened they would have had zero tolerance for it. “Immediately. They respond immediately,” said Cindrich, adding “Generally, what I have seen, guys who have been bad characters coming into the NFL, the NFL has developed them into decent individuals. That’s my experience.”

Cindrich believes some responsibility lies with colleges and the NCAA for creating a culture where athletes may feel untouchable. “It wasn’t unusual when I was coming up, but even more so of recent, to have many young ladies waiting for the recruits when coming on campus and those ladies performed services,” said Cindrich.

He also says it’s important to remember that long before college manners and civility are taught in the home. “These are all the sons of mothers and I don’t know how they were raised. How they think they can get away with this type of conduct,” said Cindrich.
Cantor also claims she was forced to work in the men’s restroom. Cindrich said that allegation is beyond anything he could ever imagine happening at the NFL