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PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– A woman at the center of a dramatic video, in which she is knocked out cold, and then left on the street while people take selfies with her rather than getting help, has now died.

KDKA has learned that Danielle Walker died from a heroin overdose, despite Marty Griffin’s efforts to get her into rehab twice.

Video of Danielle went viral. She was the focus of a Get Marty investigation about a month ago.

In the dramatic surveillance video, Danielle was seen getting knocked out cold on a Beechview street by a man.

After that several other men come up and take selfies with her, one even steals her cell phone, but no one calls 911. That was in October, she relapsed again and then last week overdosed on heroin.

“I couldn’t save my own daughter. I just want to scream,” Danielle’s mother Donna said.

Danielle battled addiction for 16 years, with at least a half a dozen stops in rehab.

Donna says she was ashamed of her daughter, ashamed to let the world know her daughter was an addict.

“Danielle has left our lives, but will never leave our hearts,” Donna posted.

Even more heartbreaking, Danielle’s daughter, Izzy is only 9 years old, and now an orphan. Her father also overdosed five months ago.

“Can you imagine being that age and losing both parents to drugs,” Donna said. “Oh my gosh.”

Donna is now raising her 9 year old granddaughter Izzy.

“I was a good parent, I blame myself,” Donna said.

Sources tell Marty Griffin that when Danielle overdosed, her friends panicked and put her body outside in the cold, dead in an alley.