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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The first African Penguin chick at the National Aviary hatched Saturday.

The nesting pair Sidney and Bette produced two eggs in early November. The staff at the Aviary isn’t sure when they were laid, but the first egg was found Nov. 4.

The Aviary’s African Penguin specialists heard the chick early Sunday morning and estimate that the chick hatched sometime Saturday.

They expect the second egg to hatch within the next few days.

The Aviary hasn’t had any African Penguin chicks in about three years.

A recently installed HD web camera is offering a view inside the Penguins’ nesting cave as Sidney and Bette incubate the second egg and keep their newborn chick warm.

According to the National Aviary, the first chick is slightly larger than a golf ball. Once the second chick hatches, they will remain in the nest for three weeks, then be moved inside so experts can care for them.

Once the chicks are old enough, they will join the Aviary’s 20 other African Penguins in Penguin Point.

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