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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Water is flowing again after a huge water main break in the East End, and a Boil Water Advisory has now been lifted following another round of testing.

It’s been a three-day inconvenience for people that live in eight neighborhoods across the East End. But, things are now getting back to normal.

Nearly 7,000 homes and businesses were forced to boil all cooking and drinking water since Sunday evening. That’s when a 20-inch water main broke near the intersection of Centre and South Negley avenues.

A map of the affected areas can be found here:

But customers in those areas no longer have to flush or boil their water before using it.

In a press release, the PWSA says: “Customers in these areas are no longer required to boil tap water before consumption. PWSA recommends that customers using their water for the first time in several days run their taps for at least one minute before using it for cooking or drinking. This helps remove stagnant water from plumbing and brings in fresh water from water mains.”

According to the PWSA, the break caused a decrease in water pressure. The concern was the break may have allowed contaminants to seep into the water system.

Crews worked around the clock and repairs were completed Tuesday morning. And, tfter a second round of testing, the PWSA lifted the Boil Water Advisory on Tuesday around 5 p.m.

“At no time has there been any testing that has shown any contaminants within the water. The chlorine levels are within standards. All the levels are within standards,” Mayor Bill Peduto said.

Peduto said the advisory is an inconvenience, but a necessary step to be safe.

“The worst thing you can have after what happened in Flint and other areas is a government – the worst thing you can have is a government that doesn’t overreact in these types of situations,” he said.