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BETHEL PARK (KDKA) — There is a house on McMurray Road in Bethel Park that is stopping traffic literally.

“We’ve got our Christmas display set up in the theme of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” said homeowner Dan Hartman.

Dan Hartman is the mastermind behind this display.

“We’ve been setting this display up for five years approximately. Just adding a little bit more to it every year,” said Hartman. “We just had the RV out there one year. Threw a few lights on it, started like that. Decided might as well get cousin Eddie out there holding a septic hose and holding up his beer,” said Hartman.

That’s not all. The silver saucer sled, burned up Christmas tree and the chair with the electrocuted cat! Even Clark Griswold’s station wagon with the Christmas tree roots and all on top.

“A replica of Clark Griswold sliding down the hill on his silver saucer sled,” said Hartman.

We can’t forget about Clark in this scene of the movie!

“Hanging from the gutters putting up Christmas lights and the ladder is falling,” said Hartman. “25,000 twinkling christmas lights!”

Amy Wadas: “How much time does it take for you to put this up every year?”

Hartman: “I probably got 20 hours into it give or take.”

Amy: “And the cost to light this display?”

Hartman: “Actually it doesn’t cost us anything. I’m a consultant for an energy deregulation company. We actually get our electric and gas for free.”

What’s most important to Hartman is the joy the Griswold family display brings to the people that stop by.

Amy: “Did you expect it to get this much attention?”

Hartman: “Actually no. I just wanted to make people happy around Christmastime.”