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NORTH FAYETTE (KDKA) — Santa’s chair was empty at the Mall of Robinson, but that doesn’t mean the Christmas shopping season is over.

“What brings you out to the mall today?” KDKA money editor Jon Delano asked shoppers on Tuesday.

“Oh, we just had a couple of returns to do, and then just get the kids out. We were inside all day celebrating Christmas. Mainly, the returns,” said Shannon Oster, of Brighton Township.

The Oster family took advantage of a day off to make returns and exchanges. Marcus Taylor, of Moon, admitted honestly he got his mother’s size wrong.

Delano: “You didn’t know your mother’s size for Christmas?”

Taylor: “I got a half size wrong, so I was assuming.”

Delano: “So was it difficult to do? Was it an easy exchange?”

Taylor: “Oh yes it was.”

Not everyone agrees.

“Lines are too long to return today,” says Taunya Tivo, of Reserve.

There are three reasons to go to a shopping mall the day after Christmas.

One, to return or exchange your gifts.

Two, to use that gift card that was left under the tree.

Three, to take advantage of some special sales prices.

“We just knew there would be great deals, so figured we had to come to take advantage of that — and maybe get some ears pierced,” said Kristen Bardelli, of North Fayette.

Besides a new pierced ear, the Bardelli family was looking for good deals.

KDKA saw prices marked down anywhere from 30 to 80 percent.

“Are the sales prices better after Christmas than before?” Jon Delano asked Jannell Adams, the store manager at Belongings.

“I believe so. I think the idea is that you are still in the gift-giving season,” said Adams.

Adams says lower prices should hold through the 12 days of Christmas or at least through New Year’s Day, as long as inventory lasts.

Diane Webb at Go Games & Calendars agrees.

Delano: “Special deal the day after Christmas?”

Webb: “Yeah, everything is 50 percent off. Toys and games and everything.”

KDKA found shoppers with gift cards and cash taking advantage of post-Christmas sales.

“Are you getting some good deals today, do you think?” Jon Delano asked Melissa Geisler, of Erie.

“Yeah. I think I’m doing real good. Fifty percent off. Can’t go wrong,” said Geisler.

Another young man has a couple hundred bucks.

“Spending Christmas money,” said Nick Tivo, of Reserve, who admitted he had no clue what to buy.

“Just looking around, shopping around.”

Shopping around is as smart after Christmas as before.

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