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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh School Police have filed charges against a mother for allegedly assaulting the principal at her son’s school.

The accusation is that a simple assault occurred at Weil Elementary School when the parent was being escorted out. However, according to the parent, the contact between her and the principal was minimal and accidental.

“This was not intentional. She’s making it way more than it is,” Dorothy Otto said.

Otto’s son is a student at Weil Elementary School. On Dec. 15, Otto had a meeting with Principal Kira Henderson about a prior incident with her son and a teacher.

At some point, Otto was told she was no longer permitted at the school. The incident in question happened as she was being escorted outside.

“None of my hand touched her. It was the phone itself,” said Otto.

The criminal complaint reads in part, “[The] parent got mad as she was being escorted out.” It goes on to read, “Her son was at the end of the hall, that is when she turned around to give her son a kiss.”

“She walked into my hand accidental. I didn’t… I was talking with my hands and she walked up on my hand,” said Otto.

The complaint goes on to read in part, “As the principal went to go redirect Dorothy Otto again, her hands were flinging and hit [the] principal in the face.” The complaint also reads, “[The] principal was okay and was not injured.”

According to Otto, “It’s not what it is. It’s not. She’s lying on me.”

According to police, there is video showing Otto raising her hand in the direction of the principal and striking her on the side of her face. Whether the incident rises to the level of a simple assault will be decided in court.

Under Pennsylvania law, in order to have a simple assault, the actor must have attempted to cause or intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused bodily injury to the victim. Because of the time of night these charges were filed, we were unable to even attempt to reach the principal to request a comment.