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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Emergency crews treated three people for weather-related problems as football fans braved the cold to attend Sunday’s game at Heinz Field.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were determined not to let the cold weather put a damper on Game Day.

“I live out of town now for work, so I take every chance I get to go to a Steeler game,” one fan said. “I’m a little cold, but not too cold.”

Temperatures were in the teens with a near-zero wind chill factor.

“It’s pretty chilly, but it’s kinda nice. We like it,” Sequoia Bauerle, of Anaheim, Calif., said.

“It’s a big change. Big change. We’re about an 80 degree difference right now, so big change,” Sierra Roumimper, of Anaheim, Calif., said.

Tailgaters came prepared.

“I think I have four shirts, two pairs of pants, hunting socks… It’s not my first time,” one fan said.

“It’s three layers. Normal routine that we go through every cold game at home,” another fan said.

A group of tailgaters kept warm by a fire. One man didn’t even wear boots, opting for flip-flops and shorts instead.

“You ask anybody that sits in my section, I never wear shoes,” Steeler fan Dennis Morris said.

Overall 21 people were checked out by EMTs for non-weather-related problems. Ten people were taken to the hospital.