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CANONSBURG (KDKA) — It’s an icy mess along one street in Canonsburg after a water line broke more than two months ago, and now neighbors say their patience is running as low as their water pressure.

Slow water or no water — those are the two options for Canonsburg residents Louis and Jamie Copechal, who have been relying on a big water tank for the past several months.

“Because you never know when the water’s going to run out, if it’s going to run out, or if it’s going to freeze up, like has happened,” Louis said. “I’ve had to call them five times.”

Louis and Jamie’s street is covered with ice, and they’re frustrated with a months-long problem.

“It’s pumping the water from the tank … and it’s backflowing it into the fire hydrant, which backflows it into our water system,” Louis said.

Christine D’Antonio’s report:

A water line broke in October, and there’s still no fix. The homes along Youngstown Street butt right up against train tracks and so does the water line, they say.

“There is a battle between the rail system that runs for Pennsylvania Transformer and a dispute with who takes care, and if they’re going to be allowed to go and lift the tracks up to take care of the water line that runs underneath it,” Louis said.

The couple says the tank has run dry a few times — a headache they’d like to see go away in the new year.

“I’m a disabled vet, and I need to rely on the proper means to take care of myself, and if this system should fail, I’m not going to be able to,” Louis said.

The couple also says there is only one fire hydrant for the entire neighborhood, so they’re concerned about what would happen in the event of a fire.

The water company was closed Monday and unable to provide any timeline for a proper fix.