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SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) — A Fayette County woman is accused of attacking a couple of paramedics.

The medics went to a home on Isabella Road in South Connellsville to help an 89-year-old man who was having a hard time breathing.

As they were treating the man, his daughter, 56-year-old Eleanor Thorpe, began attacking them.

“The daughter, after our guys were apparently assessing this person, decided he no longer needed assessment or need treatment,” said Fayette EMS Chief of Operations Richard Adobato. “They tried to leave then she wouldn’t let them out the door. It was very bizarre.”

Police were called, and it took several hours for officers to subdue Thorpe and put her in a patrol unit. She was charged and taken to jail.

Officials say incidents like these are not uncommon.

They tell KDKA that paramedics are attacked on a daily basis, and it’s progressively gotten worse as people are getting more violent.

A recent study found paramedics are 14 times more likely to be attacked than firefighters, and they’re not allowed to carry any type of defensive weapons such as mace or guns.