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CLAIRTON (KDKA) — Robin Gaydos-Behanna is a humane officer who runs a kennel in Clairton. Toni Vojtash claims her dog, Baby, contracted parvovirus there and blames Gaydos for the animal’s death.

“She has a parvo outbreak in her shop. How many other families is this going to happen to before it’s going to stop? Our dog is dead,” said Vojtash.

The allegation has sparked a state investigation, which Gaydos acknowledged earlier this week.

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “If the state finds that you’re running a contaminated facility, it’s possible they could shut you down.”

Gaydos: “Yes.”

Sheehan: “For a year?”

Gaydos: “For a year.”

Sheehan: “Do you think that will happen?”

Gaydos: “I hope not. We do a lot of good here.”

But now, KDKA has obtained an inspection report which details a myriad of troubling conditions at the kennel, ranging from unsanitary cages and communal areas, to a lack of a heat, to faulty record keeping.

While an inspection earlier in the year found dogs milling in piles of feces, the condition did not much improve.

Dog wardens, last week, again observed excessive amounts of feces and urine in the cages and the gated areas. They also found dog food in areas cluttered with debris.

Throughout, the report notes that the shelter lacks heat in this recent cold snap. The wardens found shelter dogs on wet floors in room temperatures of 45 degrees. In addition, there was faulty or no record keeping of dogs present or past as required by law.

In our interview, Gaydos conceded that while she had dogs with the parvovirus in late November, she had quarantined, disinfected and sanitized the facility.

Sheehan: “Are you absolutely sure that you’ve ridden this facility of the parvovirus?”

Gaydos: “I believe so, yes. We’ve taken every measure that we could.”

But, the inspection report notes there are holes in the floor, which would allow the virus to spread, and that the shelters worn linoleum and bare wood cannot be effectively sanitized.

The investigation continues, but Gaydos believes her kennel will survive.

She tells KDKA: “I have a few unsatisfactories on my report, and we will do our best to fix it, and we will move on.”