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CONWAY, Pa. (KDKA) — Water service has been restored for all customers impacted by a water main break in Beaver County, but Conway residents are still being urged to boil their water for the next 48 hours as a precaution.

Lorraine Rocco stopped by the Conway fire hall Tuesday morning to pick up a case of bottled water.

“I have been boiling water at this point and using the boiling water to brush my teeth and so forth, per the instructions that were left on our phones,” said Rocco.

She’s one of nearly 500 Conway residents, mainly in the downtown area, who are under the Boil Water Advisory and Conservation notice. The advisory was issued Monday afternoon after a drop in pressure was discovered in the water system.

Crews tracked down the water main break Monday night at 3rd and 13th Streets and repaired the line.

To assist residents, a water buffalo was set up at the fire hall and 100 cases of water were donated by a local company.

Darlene Blinn is a volunteer who delivered water to those in need.

“Nobody can drink the water, so it’s pretty much everybody,” she said when asked who was most in need of the bottled water.

Until the advisory is lifted, Rocco will continue to boil water in her home, use bottled water for drinking and remember the advisory is in effect. She says that’s the hardest part.

She told KDKA’s Lisa Washington, “You go to brush your teeth and you turn on the faucet, you want to automatically put the water in your mouth, so it does take an extra step and a little bit of thought.”

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