Suspect Alleges 'Police Brutality' In Incident

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GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A wanted man is claiming police brutality after getting in a scuffle with officers in Greensburg, but police say he’s the one who made the first move.

Police in Westmoreland County call Davin Redfield a known individual. They’ve had quite a few run-ins in the past. In this latest incident, he’s accused of fighting police, leaving at least three law enforcement officers injured.

Redfield claims he was roughed up by police, calling it “police brutality.”

But Greensburg Police say Redfield got hurt only after he battled them inside a Greensburg apartment complex after Redfield had been on the run.

“He pulled out a knife and made a motion towards an individual,” Greensburg Police Capt. Robert Stafford said.

Redfield was also wanted for stalking. Police say Redfield texted a young woman, “I’ve got nothing to lose. Leave while you can! … Call all the cops you want. You want me to be ruthless fine! You’ll get what you want then!”

“Eventually we did get a tip where he was,” Stafford said.

The law finally caught up with Redfield once again at the Autumn Brook apartments.

davin redfield1 Greensburg Police: Man Attacked Officers, Slipped Out Of Cuffs In Squad Car

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“At this time, this individual was going to try to fight his way out of this,” Stafford said. “The first officer injured in the first fight injured his shoulder.”

Investigators say once they got Redfield in the squad car, he didn’t settle down.

“As they were pulling away, he slipped his cuffs and got out of his seat belt and started kicking the back door,” Stafford said.

Another officer was allegedly injured trying to resecure Redfield, and when a sheriff’s deputy showed up at the Greensburg Police Department to serve Redfield a PFA, Stafford says Redfield “used a couple of profanities towards the sheriff’s deputy and kicked at him, and ended up kicking him in the wrist. The papers went flying and that officer was injured.”

Taken to the Westmoreland Hospital for evaluation, police say Redfield’s attitude stayed the same.

“As a nurse was walking in, he lunged towards the nurse in an aggressive manor,” Stafford said.

Redfield was strapped to the bed and eventually treated for an arm injury.

“It was noted in the report that it appeared he was intoxicated, which I’m sure didn’t help the situation,” Stafford said.

Redfield is in the Westmoreland County Jail held on bond, facing multiple aggravated assault charges.