By Julie Grant

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh Police Officer accused of using his handcuffs to unlawfully restrain the mother of his child went before a judge Thursday.

The case was postponed as part of an agreement between the Commonwealth and Officer Rachmiel Gallman.

Gallman has to go through the Batterer’s Intervention Program and not have any violent contact with the mother of his child. After six months, if the court is satisfied he did everything he is supposed to do, the charges will be withdrawn.

Officer Rachmiel Gallman served on the Pittsburgh Police force for three years before being suspended after allegations that he used his handcuffs to shackle the mother of his child because she wouldn’t stop poking him in the stomach.

“It was kind of just horse play. Unfortunately it went a little too far and that’s why we’re here,” said Blaine Jones, Officer Gallman’s Attorney.

Police say the incident in question happened on New Year’s Eve as the woman was wrestling around and tickling her older son.

“This was not done with malicious intent. The young lady is someone he cares about tremendously,” said Jones.

Police said Gallman refused to take the handcuffs off the woman for about 10 to 15 minutes. Polcie larned of the incident when she called 911.

“Rachmiel just got done working. He came home. He wasn’t drinking, there weren’t any threats, he didn’t hit anyone, nothing like that. It literally was horseplay that maybe went a little too far,” said Jones.

The couple has an infant child together. Gallman hopes to return to his job after the case is resolved.

“He is owning his actions. He is here today. You know, it’s not the easiest thing to walk in with all of your colleagues here, but he is owning it,” said Jones.

According to KDKA legal editor Julie Grant, the agreement made with Gallman is a very common agreement the Commonwealth makes with first time domestic violence offenders.

According to Grant, Gallman is certainly not being treated any differently because he is a police officer.