By Bob Allen

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two drivers found themselves in precarious positions on the Parkway on Saturday.

They were trapped on top of their vehicles after driving into flood waters on a stretch of the Parkway called “the bathtub” near the Mon River.

“[The water] was maybe 2 feet high. I have a truck, so I thought I would be OK, then it died out and that was that,” Jason Corbin, one of the drivers who was rescued, said.

But the flood waters from the river kept coming over the Wharf and onto the Parkway.

parkway flooded driver on car Two Drivers Rescued From Flooded Parkway Bathtub

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Within minutes, Corbin’s pickup was buried under 7 feet of water.

Firefighters tossed down a rope and a life jacket. As water began rolling over his boots, Corbin was starting to worry.

“A little bit yes. I’m a union electrician, so I can deal with adversity,” he said.

parkway bathrub rescue 1 Two Drivers Rescued From Flooded Parkway Bathtub

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

While waiting for rescue, Corbin was cool under fire. He talked to his wife on the cell phone, telling her he would be late meeting her at the Casino.

KDKA’s Bob Allen: “You took a gamble, so to speak?”
Corbin: “You know what? I did and I lost.”

Finally two firefighters showed up in a boat to rescue Corbin and the other driver who was sitting on top of his Jeep and getting wet.

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“I appreciate them risking their lives, and everything to help me for my own stupidity for doing this,” Corbin said.

For the other driver, the threat of hypothermia could not put a damper on the joy of being rescued.

“I’m frozen, but I’m alive. I’ve never seen the city from that angle before,” he said.

Corbin was happy. His chances of seeing the Steelers in the playoffs Sunday improved dramatically.

“I need the Steelers to win tomorrow because of my stupidity,” Corbin said.

A third car ended up stuck in the same area Saturday night.


KDKA’s Amy Wadas spotted the vehicle around 10 p.m. and called 911. Crews were able to determine that the vehicle was unoccupied.

It is unclear how the vehicle ended up in the flooded roadway.

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