PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh fan in Florida got some unintentional revenge of sorts for the Steelers loss to the Jaguars, by rear-ending their running back’s car.

Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette says he was driving his 2017 Mercedes Maybach Tuesday morning on Interstate 295 when he was rear-ended.

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According to reports the person who hit him was a Steelers fan who was going to the airport to drop the in-laws off.

“I wasn’t really worried about it,” Fournette told USA Today. “But the funny thing is, it was Pittsburgh fans. Know what I mean.”

According to ESPN that Steelers fan’s family was actually at Heinz Field for the game on Sunday.

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“I think her in-laws didn’t know who I was until everybody started taking pictures with me and they were like, ‘We were at the game going against y ’all,” Fournette said.

Fournette said the woman apologized after the accident and there were no injuries.

To make matters even stranger, Fournette told ESPN that one of the first responders asked him if he could have Fournette’s bumper which had fallen off during the accident, and then wanted him to sign it.

“”It was crazy because I wasn’t really worried about it,” Fournette told ESPN. “The bumper was on the ground and I was in the car waiting for the police to come and he just came out of nowhere like, ‘Man, can you sign this for me?’ I’m like, ‘You want me to sign a bumper?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah.’

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The car is valued at nearly $200,000.