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CBS Local — As Americans start a new work week in the middle of the first government shutdown since 2013, one website has ranked which states will be hit the hardest by the freeze in federal funding.

According to a new survey by personal finance website WalletHub, the nation’s capital is also ground zero for the shutdown’s impact on everyday Americans. Washington, D.C. ranked the highest among affected states with a WalletHub score of 70.42, just edging out neighboring states Maryland (70.41), and Virginia (67.67).

“States depend on the federal government for a great deal, from employment to key benefits. WalletHub identified six basic metrics that speak to how people across the country will be affected by the absence of government services,” the website’s research team wrote in their release.

The survey scored each state’s share of federal jobs, money tied to federal contracts, number of children on the government’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), access to national parks, amount of small business loans, and overall real estate value. The District of Columbia tied with Maryland for the highest amounts of federal jobs and federal contracts however, D.C. also scored the lowest in terms of real estate value.

WalletHub found some states that will likely make their way through the shutdown with little disruption, like Minnesota, which was ranked the “least affected state” and also has the lowest percentage of children on CHIP. Michigan and Ohio also finished in the bottom five of affected states.

California, ninth on WalletHub’s shutdown list, was found to have the highest percentage of children on CHIP in America. While Democrats and Republicans battle to work out a deal to fund the government into February, the website found that the shutdown’s financial impact on “red” and “blue” states was nearly the same.