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MARSHALL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Overnight storms caused a large tree to fall onto a house in Marshall Township.

Mother Nature served as an alarm clock for Ruth Coon Tuesday morning

“A great big bump and a loud noise and it visibly moved the house,” Coon said.

A 60-foot pine tree twisted and crashed straight into her home around 3 a.m.

“So then, I got up, jumped out of bed and started to go over to the windows to see what caused it. I didn’t see any lightning or hear any thunder, but I found a tree,” she said.

The tree ripped through her rain gutters and hit the back of her house. It left a big hole that allowed the rain to just pour in.

“When you have this much snow melting and the rain that we’ve had, the ground is really soft so it just takes a little bit of wind and trees will come down,” Marshall Township Fie Chief Phil MacMillan said.

MacMillan saw the damage up close. Branches were left sticking 2 feet through the eaves of the roof.

He said the tree pulled the neighbor’s power lines down with it as well.

“Oh yeah, she was sleeping in her upstairs bedroom when it came down so that was a heck of a shock,” MacMillan said.

Now, Coon has buckets catching the water leaking into her dining room and upstairs bedroom.

While she may have a leak, she still has her life.

“Didn’t take my electricity, didn’t take my heat, still have my phone so I guess that I’m blessed,” she said.