By Amy Wadas

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier reportedly has some movement in his legs, but cannot yet walk on his own.

A report from ESPN posted Sunday said that sources reported Shazier was able to move his legs and was “engaging in a regular walking routine,” with one source saying Shazier is “making incredible progress.”

Sports reporter Michele Tafoya later tweeted that Shazier wanted to clarify that he cannot yet walk on his own.

He reportedly does have movement in his legs, but he still needs to use a walker or needs help from other people to support him while he’s walking. The statement said his rehabilitation walking “remains a struggle.”

Shazier was discharged from the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute at UPMC Mercy last Thursday, almost two months after he underwent spine stabilization surgery for an injury he sustained during the Steelers’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Since then, he has been seen in photos and at Steelers games and practices in a wheelchair.

ryan shazier ben roethlisberger Report: Steelers Ryan Shazier Has Movement In Legs, Cannot Walk On His Own

(Photo Credit: Ryan Shazier/Instagram)

One photo posted to his Instagram account on Thursday showed him standing with his arm around Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Steelers fans are remaining hopeful.

“We have to be positive. We know so,” said Steelers fan Karen Pham.

“I hope the best for him and I hope he makes a quick recovery and gets to play,” said Steelers fan Dwight Pritchett.

“Look how much progress he’s made already. He’s already standing, walking. I think he’ll even be back playing football,” said Steelers fan Paige Hillen.

“I think he will. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s gonna pull through. He’s one of the best,” said Steelers fan Mark Grago.

Shazier is continuing his outpatient therapy through UPMC Centers for Rehab Services.