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NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — Several people are facing charges after police say they found a man beaten and being held hostage in a New Castle apartment building.

The incident, which was allegedly set up as a blind date, unfolded in a third-floor apartment in a building on East Wallace Avenue.

For about 10 hours on Monday, police said the 57-year-old victim was held against his will in a back room, threatened and pistol-whipped repeatedly by the alleged would-be robbers.

“The victim is from New York. He came down here to meet a female, and he was taken to this apartment. Once he got here, the individuals in the apartment began to question him about money on his bank card,” New Castle Police Robert Salem said. “They demanded he withdraw money from an ATM, he said [his card] wasn’t working. They then put him in a chair, and at one point, he had four guns pointed in his face at the same time.”

When police officers arrived at the apartment building, after receiving a tip, someone tossed a .380-caliber handgun out of a third-floor window.

Armed with a search warrant, police went inside where they discovered the victim and four suspects, along with a stolen 9mm handgun, another loaded revolver and a bullet proof vest.

Police arrested 21-year-old Treyshawn Littles from Washington DC, 20-year-old Davon Johnson of New Castle, and Adeijah Johnson and Annamarie Drushel, both 18, and also from New Castle.

Chief Salem said the unidentified victim was shaken up in the incident, but was not seriously hurt.

Littles is facing counts of robbery, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, simple assault, felons not to possess firearms, receiving stolen property, firearms carried without a license and theft.

The three other suspects arrested at the apartment are charged with robbery, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, simple assault and theft.

Police say charges are pending against two other women not yet in custody. One of them, in her 30s, was the woman the victim was supposed to meet up with.

How the victim first met or came to know her is not clear.