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SEWICKLEY (KDKA) — Our harsh winter has taken down a centuries-old landmark in Sewickley.

It happened under the cover of darkness. Mother Nature decided it was time for the old white oak tree at the Edgeworth Club to come down.

“The club almost looks naked without that big tree guarding it now,” clubhouse manager David Greig said.

sewickley edgeworth club Harsh Winter Brings Down Centuries Old Tree In Sewickley

(Photo Courtesy: Glenn Spoharski/Edgeworth Club)

The tree was standing before the Edgeworth Club was founded in 1893. Arborists estimate it’s nearly 300 years old.

“It would have been here back when George Washington was here,” Greig said. “Maybe he slept under this tree one night.”

But like everything else, time combined with the latest freeze-thaw finally caught up with the old tree.

“Every tree as it gets older, like anything, it’s bound to fail sooner or later, especially when the ground has been moved around, worked over, asphalt’s been put in so there’s less space for roots,” Nathan Rowan, with Rowan Work Services, said.

A weak foundation is to be blamed. The weak roots just weren’t strong enough to hold the 70,000 pound tree.

Rowan says that old tree in your yard can be checked out.

“You can only check it so well. They do different types of coring where they drill into it,” Rowan said, “but pruning, thinning it out, maintaining it, getting rid of dead wood, that takes less wind resistance off the tree.”

The tree will produce lots of good firewood, but it may find a new purpose.

“We’re looking into building some new furniture, some benches, possibly a large boardroom table,” Greig said.

Meaning at least part of the old tree that once stood in front of the Edgeworth Club will, in some way, still be around.