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BUTLER, Pa. (KDKA) — We’re just a few hours away from the first legal sale of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

A dispensary in Butler says it’ll happen there on Thursday, and KDKA spoke with one mother who says it’s a big relief.

Heather Shuker, of Marshall Township, says medical cannabis makes a huge difference for her daughter, Hannah.

Hannah has a severe type of epilepsy and has suffered more than 100,000 seizures in her 14 years.

“Last year at this time, I thought I was going to lose Hannah,” said Shuker. “She had lost her ability to walk, and she pretty much laid on the couch all day long. Her skin, her extremities were always cold.”

Lisa Washington’s Report:

But Shuker attributes changes, including using medical cannabis with turning things around. Hannah can’t swallow anymore, so she gets food and cannabis oil through a tube.

“She hadn’t smiled in three and half years. In December, she was laughing,” said Shuker.

She’s also having excellent seizure control. So, for Shuker, dispensaries opening in Pennsylvania is welcome news: “I’m certainly relieved.” She and other certified caregivers and patients will be among the first visitors to Cresco Yeltrah in Butler when it opens in a matter of hours.

“You’re going to see the first sale of medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania occur here at Cresco Yeltrah,” said Charlie Bachtell.

Cresco Yeltrah is also a grower with a cultivation facility in Brookville.

“It’s bringing an alternative form of relief to people in this state suffering from 17 serious medical conditions,” said Bachtell.

You can apply for a medical marijuana card from the state if your doctor certifies that you have one of the approved conditions.

A dispensary is also opening in Squirrel Hill. And eventually, Cresco Yeltrah will open one in the Strip District on Penn Avenue.