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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police lights were flashing outside the Gateway T station just after 4 p.m. Saturday.

Some T riders, like Bryce Williams, were still a little on edge.

“We thought he was going to do something but we were just being careful,” Williams said.

Williams is talking about Michael Quick, 36.

michael quick Man Stabbing Schedules With Knife Taken Into Custody At Gateway T Station

(Photo Credit: Allegheny County)

“We got on over at the North Shore, and when we got on, there was some guy who had a big knife, and he looked like he was kind of intoxicated,” Williams said. “We were sitting two seats ahead of him, and he just looked weird and had a knife and was just flailing it around like it was a toy basically.”

Williams said there were about 15 passengers on the T. Some of those passengers were becoming concerned by this behavior, so someone notified the rail operator who called Port Authority Police. When the T stopped at the Gateway Station, officers approached Quick.

“I saw the cop had his taser on him but didn’t tase him at all,” Williams said.

Police said Quick was stabbing train schedules with the knife.

Police handcuffed Quick and recovered a 6-inch knife on him. He was arrested on the T station platform. They also confiscated an unknown white powder, heroin and three stolen credit cards.

When police asked what Quick was doing with the knife, he said, “I was scratching my back”.

Police said Quick was under the influence when they arrested him. He faces multiple charges including recklessly endangering another person, possession and disorderly conduct.