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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Sherry Santucci, of Spring Garden, is a pet lover.

She has a total of five – three dogs and two cats.

With five pets, there is rarely a dull moment around here… and without a doubt, no shortage of pet fur everywhere.

So she was the perfect tester for the Hurricane Fur Wizard.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland: “When you look at this package, what comes to your mind? Is this a product you could use if it works?”
Sheri: “If it works, yes. It looks like it would take hair off of anything and I have five animals, so there’s a lot of hair in my house.”

They took at the commercial currently airing on TV about the product that claims: “Your pet leaves fur wherever he goes, and it’s impossible to clean when it gets on your clothes. You try tape rollers to clean your seat, but to get it all off you need sheet after sheet. But not anymore. Introducing the Hurricane Fur Wizard.”

It seemed pretty simple. The Hurricane Fur Wizard picks up pet fur – from just about anything – and makes it easy to dispose of.

Pet fur on couches, table tops and even clothes can be challenging, and most pet owners have tried a variety of different ways to get rid of the fur. Just like the people in the commercial, Sheri uses a sticky roller, but it has its shortcomings.

“I go through so many sheets. It doesn’t go that far,” she said.

It seems simple. Brush in the direction of the arrow on the Fur Wizard and pick up hair anywhere. They started with fur on a black leather couch. It wasn’t hard to see just how much fur was on the cushions. Sheri said the couch is a popular spot for the dogs to land.

“Yeah, there’s always a lot here because the dogs like this couch a lot,” she said. “So arrow and just swipe.”

The couch seemed a breeze. Sheri thought it was an easy way to clean up.

“It does pick it up really, really well,” she said, “and it goes into the crack when I don’t want to do it myself.”

The couch was leather so it made for a very smooth surface.

But what about a fabric surface? Sheri mentioned her table with a tablecloth was also a “fur magnet.”

“Well, I have a lot of friends who, along with myself, who have cats and you can’t control cats,” she said. “My cat is always on this table.”

So she cleaned the table cloth next, and it was pretty much the same thing. With a swish… the fur came right up.

“Oh man, look at that,” Sheri said. “That works really well, better than on the leather sofa.”

Sheri seemed pleased.

“Oh yeah, this is great,” she said.

But the commercial also says it’s a breeze getting rid of the fur once you’ve picked it up on the brush.

“Clean up’s a breeze. With just one dip, both sides are cleaned up quick,” the commercial said.

It was a little difficult to slide the brush in and out of the holder, but for the most part, the fur was gone. Next test – does it work on clothing?

Initially, it didn’t seem as if the Fur Wizard worked well when a coat was on the back of a chair. But when Sheri put the coat on — once again, the fur came off easily.

The Hurricane Fur Wizard also comes with a travel Wizard – for your purse, trips or your car. It’s all in one piece, so Sheri had to see if it worked as well as the larger one.

Sheri had a white, furry pillow that doesn’t always show how much fur is collected.

There was more fur on the pillow that Sheri would have guessed.

“Wow, I’m embarrassed to say, it works,” she said.

So let’s see again, what the commercial says:

Hayes-Freeland: “It’s as easy as one, two, three?”
Sheri: “Yes.”
Hayes-Freeland: “Swipe to clean?”
Sheri: “Yes.”
Hayes-Freeland: “What would you say, does it really do that?”
Sheri: “Yes. It does do that.”

In fact, Sheri says, “I would recommend it to all of my friends, and they all have animals.”

One negative to the Hurricane Fur Wizard was the handle felt a little flimsy. One viewer wrote in to say hers did snap the first time she used it, but ultimately, the Hurricane Fur Wizard does really do that.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland