By David Highfield

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The recent freeze-thaw cycle has really taken a toll on the roads. It seems like potholes are everywhere.

In Pittsburgh, crews will take advantage of the nice weather Tuesday to try to fill them up. The city reports getting three times the reported number of potholes this year compared to last year during the same time period.

In the last six weeks: 3,700 pothole filling requests.

And the monster-sized potholes we’re seeing across the region aren’t just taking on toll on people’s cars, but also their wallets!

“It’s one of the worst years we’ve ever seen for pothole damages,” said Dan Bower, from Ryan Automotive Goodyear in Moon Township.

Amy Wadas’ Report:

Business there is good, which generally means potholes are bad, and people are coming in with damaged tires and wheels.

“A lot of people just talking about how it’s hard to miss the potholes,” said Bower. “We had two cars come in last week with both their right side wheels damaged.”

“I think I’ve hit every single one of them,” said Apollo Chandler, an Uber driver from Lower Burrell who often drives in Pittsburgh. “It feels pretty dangerous going down a lot of the neighborhoods as to whether or not you’re going to damage your car. I want to say it’s almost like phantom potholes open up overnight.”

And since Uber drivers use their own cars, if there is damage that’s a bill to pay and no way to make money until repairs are complete.

If you’d like to report a pothole here are some points of contact for you:

  • In the city of Pittsburgh: 311
  • In Allegheny County: 412-350-INFO (4636)
  • For PennDot: 1-800-FIX ROADS
  • Or call your local public works crew

David Highfield