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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A valet parking nightmare had a local couple calling Get Marty for help.

“It was a nightmare. It was a real nightmare,” says Jenny Bradmon.

The Greene County woman was at the Hillman Cancer Center in Shadyside with her husband, Eugene Bradmon, who was there for a checkup in his treatment for melanoma. Hillman has valet parking, and the couple always uses it.

“The valet takes my car. The next time we see it, it’s totaled. I was shocked,” said Jenny.

Jenny calls her car “Blueberry.” She says the valet slammed her car into a cement pillar in the underground parking lot at the Hillman Cancer Center.

“I was speechless. I was stunned. I just wanted an explanation,” says Jenny.

Turns out, the valet employee and the valet company do not work for UPMC. Both are independent contractors.

She says the valet company was not helpful.

She sent Get Marty this email: “Marty, it has been a long and horrible experience. We got an estimate, it came in at $11,908. The car is totaled. We are without a car, $500 in rental fees. Time off from work. No idea how we are going to get another.”

Get Marty reached out to UPMC.

Within 24 hours, sending this email: “[UPMC] will assist her with additional funds beyond what the valet company will pay, to make certain that she can purchase a vehicle of the same year and mileage, making her whole again.”

“UPMC has said they will actually help me look for another ‘Blueberry,’” says Jenny.

UPMC did help her find a new car. She will pick it up later this week.

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