By Amy Wadas

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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Some residents in Moon Township are concerned that a growing landslide could threaten their homes.

Chris Warnick said his backyard never used to look the way it does now.

“Everything looked great. We actually had flat land for a good five or six feet from the edge of where the landslide started occurring,” said Warnick.

Warnick said the slide started in April of last year and it keeps getting worse.

“We used to have a shed pad here and that started kicking out at an angle, where we could tell something was wrong,” said Warnick.

Now, his driveway looks like it could go next.

Warnick contacted Moon Township for help. A geotechnical engineer came out to examine his yard and told him this:

“The first was that the township storm sewer which is at the edge of my property over here and has a broken pipe which is letting more water into the hillside than normal,” said Warnick.

He said there’s a broken piece of the pipe sitting in the yard.

Warnick and his wife aren’t the only ones dealing with the issue. Ian Hess said he’s concerned about his swimming pool eventually giving way.

“Our deck is slowly moving away from the house which is kind of a bad thing. The hillside is going over the side of hill,” said Hess.

The township said the Warnick’s property has been inspected twice and determined that there was fill placed in the yard that was not properly stabilized. They went on to say there are two roof drains from the house that drain into the failure area and they found no issues related to the sanitary sewer.

“Our family has owned the property since the 70s and we confirmed they never any filled placed on the property,” said Warnick.

Moon Township Managing/Planning Director Scott Brilhart said they will send someone out to the property again to take another look.

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