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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — March is here, and spring is around the corner, so it’s time for the Duquesne Light Home and Garden Show.

This year, there’s all kinds of new products. Some are designed to help you save money, and others to make your life a whole lot easier.

There is everything imaginable at the Home and Garden Show for your house, both inside and out.

Boyce Thompson has literally written the book on upgrading your home and is focusing his life-changing products display on high-tech stuff like robots.

“You can talk to them, ask them questions. They will search the internet and get responses, but also they’ll sing and dance,” says Thompson, a new home tech guru.

The robots will soon have programming to operate like Alexa and the other home control systems, which can be set up to operate your thermostat, lights and television.

“Also, the garage door applications where, from your phone, you can see if you left the door open and you can automatically close it,” he says.

Want to personalize your decorating?

“You can actually send these people an image, say of your daughter swimming, and they will turn it into a mosaic tile pattern and you can put it on the wall of your kitchen or bathroom,” Thompson said.

How about a TV? That turns into wall art. A lawn mower that is the cutting equivalent of a Roomba for grass.

“A lot of people who buy these have people over for a beer and they reminisce about the days when they used to have to mow the yard,” Thompson says.

There’s a virtual walk-through a home where you can make decorating changes on the fly and see how it would look. And there’s this little gizmo from Amazon.

“You can even like get dressed, send the picture to a crowd, strangers or friends, and get their advice on how you look,” Thompson said.

Which takes the stress off your spouse or significant other.