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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KDKA) — A California animal shelter wants to identify a man they’re calling one of “Sacramento’s dumbest criminals.”

Video surveillance cameras caught a man climbing into the Front Street Animal Shelter through a doggy door and laboring to steal an entire gumball machine from the Sacramento shelter.

In the video, he tries to push the machine out the doggy door, breaking the machine and spilling gumballs everywhere.

When the suspect fails to get the machine out the doggy door, he picks up some quarters and tries to pry it open.

On the shelter’s Facebook page, they pointed out the suspect apparently didn’t notice that a donation box full of cash was sitting on a counter a few feet away.

The suspect then decides to try to leave the building another way and exits through a back door. He throws the entire gumball machine over a barbed wire fence and gets away.

The shelter had a sense of humor about the theft. The surveillance footage has the hashtag #SacramentosDumbestCriminals and humorous captions.

“You almost feel bad for him, until you remember that he just stole from an animal shelter,” the shelter said.