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AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — A water main break in Beaver County on Sunday morning left many residents without water for most of the day.

People in a number of Beaver County communities were high and dry.

“It was right after I got up today. The pressure was low and I thought, ‘oh, there must be a problem with my water line,'” resident Noreen Kowalski said.

Officials say a break in a 12-inch line is the reason why. It was precarious for crews to get to the break, so there was a delay in getting the line fixed.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Dave Colabine)

Authorities set up water buffaloes by midday to try and ease some of the pain of going without water.

“I’m germaphobic. I wash my hands twenty times a day, and I keep going to the faucet to wash my hands and it just doesn’t work,” Kowalski said.

A drop tank with gallons of water was set up to give residents water — that wasn’t necessarily clear — for things like flushing the toilet.

Ross Guidotti’s Report:

By late Sunday evening, at least one water buffalo had been transported to a nearby senior center for the convenience of the elderly who weren’t able to get to the fire departments.

But for most, they just wanted to know when they were getting their water back.

A temporary fix was set up around 8 p.m. and water slowly came back to residents. Crews will start working on the line again on Monday.