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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — While snow made traveling by road difficult Wednesday, traveling by air wasn’t much easier, at least if you wanted to go to some East Coast cities.

The problem wasn’t at Pittsburgh International Airport. Crews there managed to kept three of four runways open.

However, many flights scheduled to Newark, New York, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia were cancelled because those airports were overwhelmed with snow.

A group of nurses from Birmingham, Alabama, didn’t intend on visiting Pittsburgh, but they wound up here anyway.

“We were trying to go from Iceland to Newark and then from Newark to Atlanta tomorrow morning,” said Madison Cochie. “No, this snowstorm ruined all of our plans.”

After vacationing a week in Iceland, they had to fly into Pittsburgh instead of Newark.

“’Cause there was less snow here, still snow but less,” Hayley Hill.

If you’re flying east in the morning, airport spokesmen Bob Kerlick says:

“If you’re flying to any of those affected airports – New York, Washington, Boston, Newark – any of those places, definitely check with your airline before coming to the airport tomorrow morning because there may be some residual delays.”

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As for the roads, City of Pittsburgh Public Works Director Mike Gable says the goal was to get as many roads clear as possible during the day before the temperature dropped.

Crews will be out overnight to make sure wet or slushy roads don’t referrer.