By Brenda Waters

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Postal Inspection Service is investigating after a letter carrier said he felt threatened by a note left on the front porch of a home along his route in the city’s Friendship neighborhood.

Now, a teenager has come forward claiming responsibility for the message.

“I regret doing it… especially with what’s going on right now across the country – protesting gun violence. It wasn’t very smart for me to say what I said, and I regret saying what I said,” says 16-year-old Eli Wenger.

Wenger, an Allderdice High School student, says he attached the note to the front gate of his parent’s home. It read: “Deliver the mail to the side door mailbox (or I’ll [expletive] kill u).”

Why did he do it? He says he could see his parents were frustrated with the mail carrier, which in turn irritated him.

“They were delivering mail to the front, and the mailbox is on the side,” he says.

The family was afraid their mail would be stolen, or not picked up at all.

“I think the sign needed to be put up, but something better should have been said. I’m very sorry, and I hope I can resolve the issue,” he said.

He says he is aware of the seriousness of what he did. He knows it’s a federal offense to threaten a postal worker, especially since investigators have already spoken to his parents, who he says are disappointed in him.

“It’s definitely a learning experience. I think it was something stupid, and the lesson from it was important,” he said.

The Postal Inspection Service says it is investigating, and has not said if federal charges will be filed.