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CENTER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — State Police and Center Township Police in Beaver County say they’re investigating five cases against 27-year-old Sophey Mills, who claims to be a third generation psychic, but they believe that number will grow.

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In one of the most recent cases, the victim says Mills allegedly stole $18,000.

(Photo Credit: Tarot Card Readings By Sophia/Facebook)

Mills has been on the police’s radar for awhile, but authorities say they’ve been working on collecting solid evidence since the beginning of the year, including an undercover investigation.

Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer said, “They’re desperate people, in desperate situations, and they feel this is the only way to resolve their problems, and she took advantage of that financially.”

Mills is the owner of “Psychic and Tarot Card Readings by Sophia” on Brodhead Road. Authorities say five people have now come forward alleging the self-proclaimed psychic didn’t give them spiritual cleansing, but instead bilked them out of their money.

“This lady began preying on people’s weaknesses and insecurities, and once she got them in the door, then she started certain rituals that she set up, which cost them additional funds and money,” Lt. Eric Hermick, of state police, said.

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It’s the reason says Chief Kramer, that Pennsylvania has a Fortune Telling Statute on the books.

“When you’re taking advantage of people’s misfortune by playing on them, promising them false promises through whatever means – burning candles, breaking an egg in a jar – and continuing a course of conduct that’s draining that person financially, I think that’s why the Commonwealth established that section,” he said.

That basically means that if it’s not done for entertainment purposes only, it’s not legal.

Right now, Mills is out on bond.

Police are waiting for more potential victims to come forward before charging her with more crimes.

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If convicted, Mills faces five to seven years in jail.