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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — At least two people were kicked out for disrupting a court hearing Monday afternoon, but the argument continued out on the sidewalk.

Outside and inside District Judge Anthony DeLuca’s courtroom Monday, emotions were running high.

“I have no answers to how my son died, period,” Crystal Kirkland said.

Spellman Brock IV was just six months old when he died. The Allegheny County medical examiner says the infant suffocated from a plastic bag.

“When I got home, my son was gone. The ambulance was gone,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland left her son and two other children under the care of Maria Story in May of 2017. Story’s fiancé is the baby’s grandfather.

Maria Story (Photo Credit: KDKA)

A few weeks ago, Story was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Emotions in court Monday were very raw for both families.

“That’s my mom, too, and that’s my [expletive] nephew. Where was you at? Where was you? Nowhere!” Story’s daughter yelled after being kicked out of the court hearing.

“Your mom’s a baby killer! She’s a baby killer! She’s a baby killer!” another woman, who was standing outside with Kirkland, responded.

An Allegheny County Homicide detective testified Monday that the child was placed on his belly on top of a pillow in bed and that when the child was found by investigators, there were plastic bags and other debris on the bed as well.

The detective said that when Maria Story closed the door to the bedroom, the door locked and that she needed help to get the door open. After getting back into the room, Story reportedly found the child not breathing and then called 911.

“I don’t believe that this accident rises to the level of criminality,” defense attorney Blaine Jones said. “This is a woman that cared for the three kids over 50 times, and she maintains that she placed the baby down, there were no plastic bags on the bed. Someone went in after her and that’s when the bags were placed on the bed.”

“They’re lying, and you know what? Lies don’t win because this great nation is built on the trust of God and I do trust him,” relative Shirley Mahone said, “and I know she’s going to get what she deserves for what she did.”

In the courtroom, there were two outbursts, including a person who came into the courtroom and made a threat.

Story will head to trial.