PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local woman battling cancer had a giant tree dangling perilously over her home.

She had no where to turn, so she turned to KDKA’s Marty Griffin and Get Marty.

“I am a 66-year-old cancer patient on social security. I have a tree leaning toward my house. It could fall at any time and would probably destroy my house. I don’t have relatives or anyone to help.”

That’s the e-mail sent to Get Marty by Judy Linhart.

“When its windy out. I can see it out my bedroom going back and forth. I cant sleep at night. It’s the Lord who kept the tree from standing this long,” says Judy.

Judy is fighting kidney cancer. She lives off of social security. She had several tree companies bid on the project. All of them told her it would cost seveal thousand dollars to removed the dead 120-foot tall tree from her property. “I just couldn’t afford it. I had to hope it wouldn’t fall.”

Tree-Wise-Men bid on the tree removal a month or so ago. Owner John Weber is slammed with work. “I have never been this busy. When you called I thought something was wrong or somebody needed my help.”

Tree-Wise-Men brought an crane operator and another tree trimmer to Judy’s home. They finished the job in one afternoon. “I was raised by my grandmother. She always told me when you get to do something for somebody then do it. We did it.”

The tree trimmer say the two trees they cut down were both dead.

Experts say you should have trees close to your home looked at every few years for rot.

Meanwhile, Judy is thrilled. “All of you may have saved my life. I will sleep well tonight.”