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COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — They are reproducing at an incredible rate and hungry, says a local exterminator, which is why any place that sells food is in an all-out battle to protect themselves against mice.

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Peter’s Place is one of those family restaurant institutions in our region so it wasn’t surprising that owner Bill Peters doesn’t want to talk about the bright “Consumer Alert” signs plastered on his front door by the Allegheny County Health Department.

Specifically, the ACHD says it found rat and mouse droppings and a few dead mice stuck to glue boards, droppings in numerous places and other rodent-related issues.

The bright sign didn’t stop the midday crowd from enjoying Peter’s Place.

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“The food is always good here, so if there’s a mouse in there, what the heck,” Milley Paff, of Canonsburg, said.

She was part of the Grubich cousin luncheon. The ladies say they noticed the sign on the way in.

“We asked [the waitress] about it,” Donna Grubich Meshanko said. “She was honest, and we felt very happy because we’ve come here many times.”

“We weren’t concerned overly because it was very crowded,” Janice Grubich Vamossy added. “We’ve come here before. We’ve always had a good meal and they were honest with us.”

“It didn’t bother me because they were honest, and we didn’t see mice running around and it’s a nice place,” Marlene Grubich Majireck said.

Owner Bill Peters told the Post-Gazette the problems have been corrected and he has asked the ACHD for a re-inspection.

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The ladies were more upset about the fact the staff told them the restaurant is closing for good at the end of May.

Meanwhile, over at the Phoenix Big Cinemas Chartiers 18, the manager referred KDKA-TV’s questions to corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn.

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At the Phoenix Cinemas, the ACHD says it found “mouse droppings too numerous to count.” They found droppings on the counter near the pretzel machine, in the cabinets used to store butter dispensers, in the bulk candy storage cab and more.

The bright “Consumer Alert” signs on the front door didn’t phase customers coming to midday movies.

“I guess we won’t be eating popcorn today,” one woman quipped. Several hours later she came out of the theater with her popcorn bucket saying, “freshest popcorn we’ve ever had.”

Phoenix Theatre Entertainment CEO Phil Zacheretti responded to KDKA-TV’s call to Knoxville, saying the Collier facility has a clean track record up until this inspection, so they are very upset by the findings.

“[Since the inspection,] we are doing everything in our power to correct the problems,” Zacheretti said. “We are taking care of any possible place where there might be an issue, and we won’t stop until its back to how it’s always been.”

The cleaning effort has been going on all weekend but it’s a big job with 100,000 square feet of space in 18 theaters. Zacheretti says they are “very close,” but there is still more to do.

The health inspector returned Monday and an issue was found where some equipment was stored behind a screen. That is being addressed. Once it’s ready, and Zacheretti says that will be soon, they’ll request a re-inspection and hopefully get the alert lifted.

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The health department says any facility getting a consumer alert has the right to ask for a re-inspection after 24 hours. If no re-inspection is requested the inspectors will return in 10 days. The signs stay up until the ACHD inspector gives the all clear.