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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County are appealing to Washington DC for help repairing roads and hillsides after the worst season of landslides in our history.

The money will be used to repair roads and stabilize public hillsides, but it won’t help those people who’ve lost their homes.

A total of 55 people in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have had their homes condemned or destroyed by slides.

The chief of Allegheny County Emergency Services says, unfortunately, it’s private property and the homeowner’s responsibility.

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “These 55 homeowners and property owners. They’re in a position now where they have to walk away from their homes.”

Chief Matt Brown: “I think in many cases that might be the case, and, again, we want to exhaust every effort that we can with them as well to provide them every option that they have.”

Sheehan: “But you can’t hold out much hope right now.”

Brown: “I cannot.”

Homeowners are also being cited on charges of “creating an imminent danger.” They’re being ordered to appear in court.

The city says it’s just a formality and required to get reimbursed for any work done.

It says the charges will be dismissed.