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MONONGAHELA (KDKA) – A miscommunication led to a massive trash pile in a Washington County park.

“This is the center of attention. It’s been here for many, many years,” Monogahela City Councilman Daryl Miller said.

Miller is talking about Chess Park, where a miscommunication led to people dumping hundreds of tires and dozens of old televisions.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Rob Hopson)

“Very frustrating, I mean this situation is a very good cause to help people, but it seems like it just got out of hand,” Miller said.

It started as an attempt by a state lawmaker to clean up trash along the roads in Monogahela. Bags of collected litter could be taken to Chess Park for pickup, but when the message went out on social media, it got twisted.

People starting dropping off old household items, like TVs, tires and old paint, and the trash pile took over. It even covered the top of a veterans memorial.

“The canon was covered, the sign was covered, the capsule, I’m told, is somewhere in the midst of the tires. It’s just pretty nasty all around, just a yucky situation to say the least,” Shannon Schumaker said.

KDKA’s Christine D’Antonio Reports:

Big Sanitation started hauling the trash away. By Wednesday evening, four dumpsters had been filled, and all together, 508 tires had been removed.

“We have progress going on,” said Miller. “We have Big Sanitation coming with dumpsters; we’re gonna haul this out today.”

PennDOT, Monongahela City employees and some volunteers were helping with the effort.

So, where’s it all going to go?

“They are going to a landfill that accepts tires and appliances,” said Miller.

At least one man was a little concerned because he’s getting married in the park on Saturday.