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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man who has worked for the courts for 23 years has been sentenced to jail time for using his cell phone inside a courtroom.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Sheldon Arrington, a juvenile probation officer, was using his cell phone inside Judge Anthony M. Mariani’s courtroom during a break last month.

When Mariani asked Arrington to turn off the phone, Arrington allegedly told the judge he was dealing with an emergency and said “there’s nothing going on in here” since court wasn’t in session.

allegheny county courthouse 23 Year Court Employee Sentenced To Jail Time For Using Phone In Court

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Mariani then told Arrington to get out of the courtroom, and Arrington left the building.

The judge later issued an order for Arrington to show why he was not in contempt.

At a hearing Thursday, Arrington told Mariani he hadn’t intended to disrupt the court, but Mariani said Arrington was “obstinate” and “defied this court.”

Arrington has been ordered to serve 10 days in jail. The Post-Gazette says he will remain free on bond pending an appeal.